We are headquartered in Seattle, Washington and proudly make our products in the USA.


Our veteran team shares a passion for creating innovative medical devices that improve patient care. We identify unsolved clinical problems and develop best-in-class products that provide evidence-based solutions to improve patient safety.

We invent and design medical devices in our Seattle headquarters, and proudly build all our products in the USA.


There are countless opportunities to improve patient care. We don’t limit ourselves to a specific medical specialty or device category, but instead focus on patient safety, looking throughout the healthcare environment for opportunities where:

  • Overwhelming evidence has identified a problem causing significant patient harm

  • The current solutions to that problem are inadequate

  • We have an idea for a medical device that solves the problem in a cost-effective manner

  • Generally, the device includes an electromechanical component that blinks (hence the company name)


Our first commercial product is the TwitchView    Quantitative Monitor for neuromuscular blockade. Decades of literature has identified residual neuromuscular blockade (residual paralysis) as a post-operative complication that leads to significant patient harm. The only proven solution to eliminate residual paralysis combines quantitative neuromuscular monitoring with appropriate reversal. Historically, a lack of reliable, easy-to use equipment has severely limited the prevalence of routine monitoring. Designed to reset the standard for assessing neuromuscular blockade, TwitchView is quantitative monitoring without limitations.

See the video below discussing a TwitchView clinical trial conducted at the University of Washington in 2019 or visit the TwitchView page for more information. 

Check back later in 2020 for information on our new personal hand hygiene device…or contact us if you’re interested in participating in our upcoming multi-center clinical evaluation of this innovative solution to prevent healthcare-associated infections.



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Seattle, WA 98109

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